Educational Seminar

The Florida Parking & Transportation Association (FPTA) offers a myriad of training and development for its members. One that is most popular is the educational seminar which focuses primarily on training, education, and personal growth for front line employees. These are employees who may be an organization’s first impression and initial point of contact. Training is usually conducted in a classroom setting through lecture, dialogue, and active participation.

The intent of this training is for organizations to invest in their employee’s knowledge and skills so that they can improve productivity on the job. It also becomes an important factor in promoting future growth within their department. Although training is centered on front line employees, it is

open to everyone in any organization that focuses on long term employee investments.

Some interesting industry related topics offered are trends in technology, customer service, emergency management, parking enforcement, as well as active group participation. The location of the seminar is usually at a university setting, designed to accommodate attendees from various regions.

This year we are focused on training our attendees to respond should they be involved in an active shooter situation. Due to the recent, weapon involved occurrences throughout the country, on July 20th, we will host a hands-on, active shooter, training for our attendees. The active shooter training will take place in the morning and will be provided by the University’s Police Department. They promise it will be an interactive experience for those involved. During the afternoon session, the attendees will receive emergency management training including how to work as a team in a stressful, disaster situation. In addition, the training will provide a hands-on CPR and Stop the Bleeding training.

The seminar will be held on Friday, July 20, 2018 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

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