FPTA Past Presidents

From 1979 to 2019 the Florida Parking & Transportation Association Past Presidents!    Thank you for your leadership in FPTA, one of the largest and most successful parking associations in the United States:

1979-1980Inaugural ConferenceDan Brame President ElectOrlando
1980-1981Dan BrameCity of OrlandoOrlando
1981-1982Art BrawnMiami Parking SystemsMiami
1982-1983Alan CraneCity of Miami BeachMiami Beach
1983-1984Sam VenneroCity of OrlandoOrlando
1984-1985Sam VenneroCity of OrlandoOrlando
1985-1986Roger CarltonMiami Parking SystemsMiami
1986-1987Rob ChambersCity of OrlandoOrlando
1987-1988Karen WilsonMiami Parking SystemsMiami
1988-1989Brian ScogginsCity of OrlandoOrlando
1989-1990Jack MulvenaMiami Parking SystemsMiami
1990-1991Gene BresslerCity of TampaTampa
1991-1992Sam VenneroCity of OrlandoOrlando
1992-1993Jim MoranUniversity of South FloridaTampa
1993-1994Dan RosemondMiami Parking SystemsMiami
1994-1995Jim ArnoldCity of TampaTampa
1995-1996Ina CarpenterUniversity of Central FloridaOrlando
1996-1997Brian ScogginsCity of OrlandoOrlando
1997-1998Tracey BruchCity of ClearwaterClearwater
1998-1999Butch BurrCity of OrlandoOrlando
1999-2000Roamy ValeraMiami Parking AuthorityMiami
2000-2002Brian ScogginsCity of OrlandoOrlando
2002-2004Liliana RamboCity of HollywoodHollywood
2004-2006Sue OlleyCity of Palm BeachPalm Beach
2006-2008Bill FosterFlorida International UniversityMiami
2007-2008Tracey BruchCity of ClearwaterClearwater
2008-2010Pamela CorbinCity of OrlandoOrlando
2010-2011Bill FosterFlorida International UniversityMiami
2011-2012Pamela CorbinCity of OrlandoOrlando
2012-2014Jim CorbettCity of TampaTampa
2014-2015Scott FoxUniversity of FloridaGainesville
2015-2016Kris SinghUniversity of Central FloridaOrlando
2016-2017Chester EscobarSP PlusMiami
2017-2018Lissette HernandezFlorida International UniversityMiami
2018-2019Mark SantosKimley-HornMiami