Awards of Excellence

The Florida Parking and Transportation Association’s Annual Awards of Excellence program recognizes outstanding parking and transportation related projects. The purpose of the awards program is to show an appreciation for excellence and to promote parking and transportation design, architecture, renovation and innovation.


Awards of Excellence Submission Form


Awards Committee

Raymond Mensah – CHAIR –  University of South Florida          

Jim Conway, Amano McGann, Inc.     

Jim Corbett, Walker Consultants

Shalini Diaz, Pay by Phone    

Maggie Japinoski, CPP , City of Sarasota



Projects submitted must be completed between July 1, 2020 and October 16, 2020.  Only projects located in the State of Florida are eligible for submission. Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit will be awarded for each category.  Please include any information you feel is pertinent in evaluating the submission.

Category I : Parking Structure – Design

  • Functional Design – Describe the layout, column spacing, parking and driving slopes, efficiency, entry/exit configuration, floor level identifiers, pedestrian flow, mixed-use components, wayfinding signage, etc.
  • Operational System – Describe the revenue control system, security design features, maintenance programs, customer programs offered, lighting technologies, etc.
  • User Amenities – Describe common areas, wayfinding programs, staff amenities, security programs, etc.
  • Sustainability – Describe sustainable characteristics for construction system, design features, operational and maintenance benefits, energy reduction, etc.
  • Costs – Construction costs per space (not including soft costs or cost for land, design, demolition or utility relocation).

Category II : Parking Structure – Architecture

  • Exterior Façade – Describe exterior facade including design basis, compatibility with surrounding neighborhood, character or style, materials used, selected colors and textures, scale and massing.
  • Landscaping – Where applicable, describe how the surrounding areas were landscaped and the design basis. Include description of items such as pedestrian oriented features and public artwork.
  • Garage Identification – Describe different provisions for vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding, including main entry points and graphic design. Include description of floor themed signage and their design basis.

Category III – Parking Structure – Renovation

  • Planning / Phasing / Construction Administration – Include project planning schedules, environmental controls, key communication efforts, phasing, construction administration, design issues addressed, quality control, warranties, etc.
  • Assessment – Describe assessment techniques such as visual, non-destructive evaluation, exploratory investigation, materials sampling and testing, etc.
  • Operations – Describe original problem, efficiency improvements, entry/exit configuration enhancements, vehicular or pedestrian flow improvements, architectural improvements, internal lighting upgrades, graphics upgrades, ADA concerns, etc.
  • Methods – Restoration techniques/design, contractor’s implementation of the design including but not limited to: traffic control, work area protection, logistics for demolition / shoring / debris removal, deliveries, etc., complex structural repairs, corrosion control, water proofing, etc.
  • Costs – Costs for the project and any differences in initial budget versus actual costs, and why.
Category IV – Parking and Transportation System – Innovation (note – innovative parking designs should be submitted under Category II or III)
  • Program Description – A parking, transportation, or mobility program or operation that has increased efficiency or productivity, solved a problem, or provided some other benefit to the end user.
  • Benefits/Outcome – Describe the success of the program and how the results were measured.
  • Innovation/Creativity – Explain the elements of the creativity used to establish the program and why your organization feels the end result was a success.
  • Adaptability – Describe how this program can be used by other entities in the parking and transportation industry.


Members of the FPTA Awards of Excellence Committee and FPTA Board Members will independently score projects submitted for each category.  Projects will be scored based on conception, originality, aesthetics, application in design, operation, management, and construction.

Finalists may be notified with requests for additional clarification or information.

Form of Submission

Entries recommended for consideration must be submitted in the format listed on the Awards of Excellence Submission Form, with photographs and descriptive data. Please note that photographs, details, or sketches demonstrating the unique use of parking innovations in design, operation, equipment, and construction will be taken into account for scoring.

All submissions must be received no later than October 16, 2020.

Announcement of Awards and Ceremony

Grand Prize Winners and Finalists will be honored at the FPTA Annual Conference. Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit and Honorable Mentions will be selected for each category.  In an effort to promote the program and the industry, the FPTA will provide press releases as well as posting on the FPTA website. Additionally, a professional photographer will attend and photos will be provided to all winners and finalists.  During the annual conference at the ceremony, each finalist will be recognized. The Awards Committee will create a presentation based on project photographs submitted. Owners and parking related designers, vendors, suppliers, and contractors will be recognized during the project narrative.

Awards Sponsorship

This is a Silver Level Sponsorship. If you wish to sponsor this competition, please contact Dawn Marti for more information. Sponsors will be formally recognized and highlighted during the conference.