Carol Easterling Award

Carol Easterling was a devoted Board Member of the Florida Parking & Transportation Association (FPTA) for 10 years. During her tenure, she promoted the involvement of front line employees in our conference and educational seminars. After her passing, the FPTA Board created the Carol Easterling Scholarship in her memory.

To this end, the current Board has revamped the once “Carol Easterling Scholarship” to the “Carol Easterling Award” and has enhanced its reach and prize payout.

The Carol Easterling Award was established several years ago in honor of a former FPTA Board Member who was a champion for those front line employees whom she felt were the unsung heroes in our organizations. This award was created to reward those very deserving members of our team. I am sure you can think of at least one person that you can nominate for this award. It is a great way to say “Thank you” for being an exemplary employee as well as an important person to our organization.