Established in 1979, Florida Parking and Transportation Association (FPTA) has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its members. From training the valuable front-line employees, to creating one of the largest networking opportunities for learning in a state association, to bringing the latest innovation to our members, FPTA has consistently been at the top of our industry.

FPTA relies on our diverse members who bring different points of views, knowledge, lessons learned through case studies, making our organization unique, relevant and successful.

Our conference will be filled with the latest technology and how it will ultimately change our role as parking professionals. Our yearly conference features more than 60 vendors, municipalities, private operators, and universities. Our agenda will be filled with valuable information through our educational sessions and a vendor hall filled with best in class products and services.

On Behalf of the FTPA Board of Directors and myself, we welcome you to be part of this great association!


President’s Message

Dear FPTA members and friends,

May you live in interesting times.  It is a blessing.  And a curse.  We are living in times of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty.  Our lives have been disrupted beyond anything we could have imagined a few short months ago.  As our nation, and indeed our world, braces for what may come next, we know already that no one hunkers down quite like we do in Florida. Just ask Andrew. Or Charlie. Or Wilma. Or Irma.  We know we will emerge on the other side, weathered but tougher.  To borrow a phrase, we are Florida Strong.

On a personal note, I invite you to join me in embracing this timely reminder.  There is more to life than hard work.  We are caring for one another with renewed compassion and generosity.  Parents and children are rediscovering the extraordinary value of family time. We love and treasure our elders more than ever.  And Mother Earth is healing.

Professionally speaking, we are being tested as never before.  How can we transform ourselves, reinvent our business models and take care of our teams – our people – while we weather this storm?  How can we write the next chapter, rather than simply live it?

The FPTA Board is hunkered down, too, but we remain active and committed to the business of our association with an eye toward the future.  With this in mind, I would like to update you on our activities.

First, we bid a heartfelt farewell to Association Manager Marilyn Etheridge whose consummate dedication to FPTA has been unmatched.  She has been our face, our voice, our personality and our dear friend for over ten years, and far longer as a member.  We already miss her beyond words and hope to see that warm smile and gracious spirit we have grown to love at future events.

At the same time, we are delighted to welcome Dawn Marti as our new Association and Events Manager.  Dawn is a veteran association manager and conference planner.  She has extensive experience supporting nine of our peer state and regional associations, and liaises with both the International Parking and Mobility Institute and the National Parking Association.  We are enthusiastic about adding Dawn to the FPTA family and look forward to her contributions as we expand our association’s prominence and leadership in our industry.

Additionally, we invite you to consider lending your talents and expertise to one of our committees.  Please reach out directly to Dawn at [email protected] if you would like to participate on any of the following committees: Rules, Marketing, Membership, Carol Easterling Awards, Awards of Excellence, Education or Conference Planning.

Presently, the Board is focused on transitioning our annual summer educational event into a virtual conference in anticipation that many of us may not be ready to travel.  We are seizing this opportunity to make the event accessible to a larger portion of our membership than ever before through the use of web-based technology.  Please stay tuned for further information on this.

We are also charging forward with planning our Annual Conference and Trade Show, scheduled for early December at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens.  We look forward to seeing you there and the chance to reconnect with you in person.

Until then, please be well, be safe and always remain Florida Strong.  And remember, no one hunkers down quite like we do.

Scott Fox, CAPP