The mission of the Florida Parking and Transportation Association is to promote and represent the parking and transportation industry in the State of Florida. The organization is committed to enhancing the professional image of parking and transportation, and also serves as a unifying force in promoting state and local legislation.

Through fostering partnerships with individuals and organizations involved in the parking industry, FPTA is dedicated to keeping members informed about current parking and transportation issues while continually opening new lines of communication to all members.

Serving on the FPTA Board is an honor; our Association is one of the most dynamic in the country and our Board works together to keep FPTA great! It is important that we continue to elect Board members that care and want to see FPTA continue to grow. You can self-nominate or nominate someone you know that would be a dynamic leader. All nominees will be contacted to agree to serve on the Board if elected. All nominees must be a current member of FPTA.



The Association has indeed made many strides over the past forty years. FPA was established in 1979 by a small group of parking professionals from Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. The group of parking professionals met on parking issues and decided that a professional organization in parking would be beneficial throughout the state.

With the growth in Florida and Technology on the horizon, they formed the Florida Parking Association. The First Conference was held in Lake Buena Vista on the outskirts of Orlando in 1980 with an attendance of less than 20, with no vendor participation. Dan Brame from the City of Orlando was the residing president from 1980 to 1981 with Art Brawn from Miami Parking Systems taking the leadership role in 1981. The conference was held in the same location at the Dutch Inn in Lake Buena Vista with growing attendance. As word continued to spread the association continued to grow and moved the annual meeting to the Hyatt Regency in Tampa.

During those years, FPA partnered with IPI and NPA to provide relevant training programs such as the prestigious Certified Administrator of Public Parking. In addition, FPA started an annual education conference in 2006 in various locations throughout the state to target the front-line employees who don’t have the opportunity to attend the annual conference and trade show.

In 2016, the members voted to change the name of the organization to the Florida Parking and Transportation Association to better reflect who we are today as an organization and to reflect the partnership that exists between the parking and transportation industries.

FPTA has seen tremendous growth from those early years with increased vendor participation and growth in membership. Today FPTA has nearly 300 members and growing with conference attendee participation continually exceeding the 250 mark with as many as 60 vendors demonstrating a wide range of products at the trade show.

Thank you for your leadership in FPTA, one of the largest and most successful parking associations in the United States:

1979-1980 Inaugural Conference Dan Brame President Elect Orlando
1980-1981 Dan Brame City of Orlando Orlando
1981-1982 Art Brawn Miami Parking Systems Miami
1982-1983 Alan Crane City of Miami Beach Miami Beach
1983-1984 Sam Vennero City of Orlando Orlando
1984-1985 Sam Vennero City of Orlando Orlando
1985-1986 Roger Carlton Miami Parking Systems Miami
1986-1987 Rob Chambers City of Orlando Orlando
1987-1988 Karen Wilson Miami Parking Systems Miami
1988-1989 Brian Scoggins City of Orlando Orlando
1989-1990 Jack Mulvena Miami Parking Systems Miami
1990-1991 Gene Bressler City of Tampa Tampa
1991-1992 Sam Vennero City of Orlando Orlando
1992-1993 Jim Moran University of South Florida Tampa
1993-1994 Dan Rosemond Miami Parking Systems Miami
1994-1995 Jim Arnold City of Tampa Tampa
1995-1996 Ina Carpenter University of Central Florida Orlando
1996-1997 Brian Scoggins City of Orlando Orlando
1997-1998 Tracey Bruch City of Clearwater Clearwater
1998-1999 Butch Burr City of Orlando Orlando
1999-2000 Roamy Valera Miami Parking Authority Miami
2000-2002 Brian Scoggins City of Orlando Orlando
2002-2004 Liliana Rambo City of Hollywood Hollywood
2004-2006 Sue Olley City of Palm Beach Palm Beach
2006-2008 Bill Foster Florida International University Miami
2007-2008 Tracey Bruch City of Clearwater Clearwater
2008-2010 Pamela Corbin City of Orlando Orlando
2010-2011 Bill Foster Florida International University Miami
2011-2012 Pamela Corbin City of Orlando Orlando
2012-2014 Jim Corbett City of Tampa Tampa
2014-2015 Scott Fox University of Florida Gainesville
2015-2016 Kris Singh University of Central Florida Orlando
2016-2017 Chester Escobar SP Plus Miami
2017-2018 Lissette Hernandez Florida International University Miami
2018-2019 Mark Santos Kimley-Horn Ft. Lauderdale
2019-2020 Scott E. Fox University of Florida Gainsville, Fl
2020-2021 Tom Szubka Walker Consultants Tampa, Fl